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New Kriptazen® - a clever twist in the fight against Cryptosporidiosis

Virbac is pleased to announce the launch of Kriptazen®, a non-antibiotic, halofuginone based cryptosporidiostatic medicine licensed for newborn calves, to prevent or reduce diarrhoea caused by Cryptosporidium parvum.

Rosie Naylor, Technical Product Manager at Virbac says ‘whilst halofuginone is well known, Kriptazen® is supplied with a unique and innovative dosing pump, to aid accurate administration. The pump is easily twist adjustable and weight graduated from 20kg to 60kg in 10kg increments, to deliver 4ml - 12ml in a single dose. This means farmers do not have to calculate the dose in ml’s first and only need to deliver a single dose. Easy to hold in one hand, the dosing pump enables precise administration, helping to reduce the risk of incorrect dosing and toxicity issues.’

Cryptosporidiosis is one of the most common causes of calf scour in UK beef and dairy herds and represents a significant threat to calf health and performance. Cryptosporidium parvum is also a zoonotic risk. As a prophylactic measure Kriptazen® should be given to new-born calves within 48 hours of birth then daily for 7 consecutive days and as a therapeutic agent within 24 hours of the onset of clinical signs.

Rosie continues ‘We are delighted to bring Kriptazen® to the market. The trusted active halofuginone, along with the innovative and precise weight graduated dosing pump, provides practices with added peace of mind when it comes to dosage. Kriptazen® also represents an excellent addition to the Virbac Calf Care Solutions range, which includes: Speed Diar 4™- calf scour diagnosis, Bovigen® Scour - broad spectrum scour vaccine, Enerlyte® Plus - complete rehydration supplement and Multimin™ - combined trace mineral injection, containing: zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.’

For more information on Kriptazen®, or any of the other products in the Virbac Calf Care Solutions range, please speak to your Virbac Territory Manager.